Information Monitors Basic Service Prices

Daily Data Management (the basic service): The basic service consists of retrieving monitored data on a periodic basis, processing and archiving the data on our server, and standard report generation. This service also includes access to the historical data set and to our standard data analysis tools. The monthly fee for this service is $10 plus $0.50/month per channel of recorded hourly data. (If data are to be recorded more often than once each hour, the per channel recording fee increases proportionally. For example, this fee would be $1.00 per month for data recorded every half hour and $2.00/month for data recorded every 15 minutes.)

Account Configuration: This task includes account creation, data logger channel configuration, automated data collection configuration, data processing and data archival setup, and web account and web page creation. Clients receive a web site at that hosts their data and reports. Clients have unlimited, secure access to all their data and reports. Approximately 2-3 hours of engineering and software programming time are required to fully configure an infoMonitors account. Additional time is required for data loggers exceeding 20 channels of data. For single-site monitoring configurations of 20 or less channels, there is a one-time charge of $250 for this service. Multi-site monitoring configurations and single-site configurations of more than 20 channels require a specific quotation.

Phone Line: The client is responsible for installing a phone (or other acceptable communication device) at the site, paying for the initial service connection, and monthly charges. If a cellular phone is used, an antenna may be required for reliable communication.

Optional Services

Quality Assurance: This optional service includes daily data quality assurance by infoMonitors engineering staff. Given no communication or equipment problems, a few minutes per day is sufficient to accomplish this task. In the event of communication, data logger, instrumentation or other hardware failure, the client will be notified immediately. The fee for this service is $50 per month for single-site monitoring configurations of 20 or fewer channels. For multi-site projects, this fee (on a per site basis) may be substantially reduced, depending on volume.

Custom Analysis and Reporting Setup: On the average, it takes about 10 hours to design and develop custom data analyses, reports and graphics for placement on a client's web site. Enabling more complex simulation and analysis procedures would require additional time. The cost for this optional custom design service is $50/hr.

Data Acquisition System and Instrumentation Design: This optional service includes the design and specification of all data logger and instrumentation needs based on client- specified monitoring project objectives. Engineering design fees for this service are $50/hr.

Data Acquisition System: This optional service includes the purchase or leasing of a data logger, transducers, battery, modem, mounting hardware, installation, calibration, and programming of the data logger. This optional service requires a quotation based on client-specified monitoring program objectives.

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